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(Updated) – Six key schemes for safer streets in South London – support them now!

Take action now to help create safe streets and routes for walking and cycling across South London. Filling out the consultations linked from this page will take just 15 minutes of your time, and make a difference for decades to come.

This month is a critical time for creating safer and more accessible walking and cycling conditions across South London. Five key schemes in the boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark are at consultation – meaning councils and TfL are requesting public feedback and support for their proposals before they commit to build them. They need your support – if the public appear to be against, schemes may be canceled or watered down.

Certain of these consultations close at the end of February 2020, so it is important that you act now – be part of the change for a cleaner, greener, safer London. Click the links below to fill out the consultations – they are open to all; you don’t have to be a resident, and there is no age limit as long as the respondent understands the questions (would your daughter or son like a safer route to cycle to school or the park?)

Scheme 1: Rosendale Road Healthy Route.

This scheme consists of new pedestrian crossings, junction safety improvements, benches, planets and a fully protected cycle lane from Gipsy Hill to Brockwell Park.

Recommendation: Strongly Support.

Scheme 2: Dulwich “Our Healthy Streets”.

This scheme aims to reduce traffic around Dulwich Village especially at the busy school-run times, and creates two new pedestrian plazas at Dulwich Village and Dulwich Library.
Recommendation: Strongly Support. Ask that they ensure that any displaced traffic is not forced on to the cycle route from Dulwich Park to Green Dale (Dovercourt Road).

Scheme 3: Streatham Hill safety improvements

A protected cycle lane alongside the (frankly terrifying) A23 at Streatham Hill. Even if you don’t plan on cycling – walking next to a bike lane has to be better than being right next to the thundering Brighton Road traffic!
Recommendation: Strongly Support. Ask for a cycle route connection between Wavertree Road and Telford Avenue – allowing a low-traffic cycle route from Tulse Hill to Tooting Common.

Scheme 4: Champion Hill pedestrian and cycling improvements

Protected cycle lane southbound with its own signal phase at the Champion Hill / Dog Kennel Hill crossroads, and a survey as to whether or not to keep the trial point closure on Champion Hill which has reduced pollution and accidents, and allows more children to cycle to the nearby schools.
Recommendation: Strongly Support. Keep the one-way point closure of Champion Hill and consider a full closure.

Scheme 5: Railton Road Liveable Neighbourhood.

A range of measures proposed to reduce private motor traffic and improve air quality around Railton Road and Shakespeare Road. If this and Rosendale Road are implemented in full, there will at last be a safe route for families to cycle all the way from Gipsy Hill to Brixton and Loughborough Junction (via Brockwell Park) – with later upgrades likely to connect to the centre of London.
Recommendation: Strongly Support. Ask for robust point closures / bus gates / modal filters, and support for residents to make the change to non polluting transport.

Scheme 6: Sydenham Hill (Southwark) 20mph, Crossings and Protected Cycle Lane.

Sydenham Hill (the flat bit from Crystal Palace double roundabout to the Kirkdale junction) is part managed by LB Lewisham and part by LB Southwark. This scheme proposed by Southwark introduces new high quality pedestrian and cycle facilities on their section of the road. It’s a shame it doesn’t join up to Eliot Bank or the recently upgraded Double Roundabout (and from there to Crystal Palace Park) – the northern end (from Crescent Wood Road to Kirkdale) is managed by Lewisham and they will bring forward their own scheme at a later date; the southern end may be harder to fix as it currently has a bus priority lane (which is often parked in, despite double yellow lines) and then a left turn filter lane for the roundabout.

Recommendation: Support. Commend their use of bolt-down kerbs for the cycle lane, rather than the less-effective “orcas”. But ask that it be joined up to the Crystal Palace Double Roundabout so that there’s a safe cycle route all the way to and from the park.

Thank you for reading – let us know in the comments how you get on with filling out the consultations above.

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