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Auckland Road speed survey data

Auckland Road speedvisor survey (January 2019 data)

In January 2019, Croydon Council carried out a speed camera survey on Auckland Road, near the bottom of Stambourne Way (a main walking route for children attending Harris City Academy and Cypress Primary).

Thanks to local residents Colin and Mark, who were able to press the council in to conducting the survey, and analyse the data they got back, I’ve been able to summarise the results here. It’s obvious that there has been a problem on this road, but how bad is it?

Did drivers stick to the limit?

On average, more than 80% of vehicles exceeded the posted 20mph limit.

Average speed

The median average speed recorded on the road was 26.4mph. Half of all vehicles drove faster than this.

85th percentile speed

The 85th percentile speed recorded was 33mph. That’s to say, 15% of vehicles went faster than this.

Maximum speed

The highest speed recorded was 70mph, at about 8:50pm in the evening. Most hours of the day, at least one vehicle was recorded at over 45mph.

Auckland Road is a 20mph road – a quick reminder on why we have 20mph limits:

A pedestrian hit at 20mph has a ~95% chance of survival.

At 30mph, it’s 50%.

At 40mph, a pedestrian doesn’t stand a chance. Especially children and the elderly.

(Source: WHO data – note that the speeds cited in their report are in km/h, 30kph is 20mph).

The raw data

If you’d like to verify these claims or do your own analysis, the raw data is here.

Auckland Road 21 01 19 excel (1)




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